olive june

nash charles | month four . things i always want to remember

often i think, i know he really, truly loves me because i can feel his love balanacing between his heart and mine. i can feel his love in my skin. i can feel it in on my face. 

a grateful heart

"there is beauty in simplicity" 

a grateful heart

"perfection is not a polished thing. it is often simply something that is sincerely meant. perfection is a job complete, praise given, a prayer heard, it can be kindness shown, thanks offered up. perfection is what we discover in each other- what we see reflected back... and if perfection alludes us- that doesn't matter, for what we have within the moment is enough." // mature jenny 

in our home | body + face

"there is no greater power than that of the sun, the moon, and a woman who knows her worth." 
// nicole lyons

my boys | similarities and differences

although you never want to compare your kids... sometimes you do. i get asked all the time how parks and nash are the same and how they are different. (even though baby nash is still very young/new) ... but i thought i would share a few things.