olive june

may intentions

it dawned on me earlier this week that i totally forgot to do an 'april intentions' post ... with everything going on, it honestly didn't cross my mind last month. lately, i am trying to live more out of intent and less out of habit. we have been trying to create a new rhythm + spring has been so beautiful here (which has helped).  overall, our kids have done extremely well and now i am focusing on myself; some personal needs and also a few ways i can hopefully serve other people. i find myself still trying to wrap my mind around it all ... but am trying to find a way to be present and to take in my time with my family.  

an outdoor family movie night

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"today i will trust
beyond the borders of
what i can see, and have
the courage to believe in 
what is greater than me."
-morgan harper nichols

strawberry fields

a morning with my boys at carrigan farms 

a grateful heart

"I worked so hard to be liked and wanted so badly to be loved,
only to have each attempt pruned back by the insensitivity of a world that wouldn't slow down.
Once I could drop down below the pain of my loneliness 
I came to accept my solitude and in that solitude I found eternity..."
-Mark Nepo


borrowed words

easter memories

"Easter spells
out beauty, the
rare beauty 
of new life."
-s.d gordon