olive june

happy third birthday, parks james

i don't want to let you grow up 
but the older you get, the better i get to know you
and you are a pretty wonderful boy 
so i suppose i will let you just the same

nash charles . month seven | things i always want to remember

things i always want to remember //

my word of the year

here's to wishing and hoping that our annual bird families build nests all over the outside of our home
it's always such a gentle, springtime honor.

christmas | snapshots and reflections

{new bremen, ohio}

good afternoon and happy new year to you

i hope your holiday season was memorable and that your heart felt both peaceful and joyous.
it was one of my favorites to date. we spent a lot of time with my family in the midwest and are currently visiting my husband's brother and his family outside of philadelphia. 

it really is the season of renewal and hope and reflection. i am feeling so grateful, for so much and for everything. but i am especially grateful for the family that has been placed in my arms, and the chance to share the spirit of the season together. God really is so good, to all of us.

home decor | designing a new family space with bassett furniture

this post is sponsored by Bassett Furniture, but all opinions are my own. 
i hope yesterday was magical. i hope that you and your family were able to spend the day together. and that it was everything you had dreamt of. merry christmas to you.

our christmas cards | twenty eighteen

may the simple things
bring the most joy