olive june

borrowed words

 i saw these words this morning
and thought i would share.
even though i have felt tired and often worn out this month,
these words also felt so very true...

nash charles | eighteen months

today our baby turns eighteen months old. 'nash charlie' - you are what we dreamt of and i am so glad that i get to raise you, to love you, to guide you, to support whoever you become. you have grown so much, our darling boy; you are a gift to all of us. 

december intentions

snow was falling,
so much like stars
filling the dark trees
that one could easily imagine
it's reason for being was
nothing more
than prettiness.
-mary oliver

christmas touches

we started to deck our home with christmas pieces this week. i really like to use bits of nature, sentimental/vintage items, along with small and sustainable items that can be packed up easily. we only have two bins of christmas decor and i am hoping to bring it down to one after this season. here is a sneak peek + i am planning to add a few more natural elements soon. however, i thought i would share some of our touches so far. parks has been so into helping me this year; warming my heart with his enthusiasm. i hope you enjoy this mini tour.

i am just so thankful
thankful for everything we have been given
thankful for beauty 
for traditions and memories and for time together

holiday traditions | cedar lake tree farm

this past sunday, we woke up really early in ohio and traveled back to the pines of north carolina. we arrived at our favorite tree farm around noon for one of my very favorite traditions. we fell in love with cedar lake tree farm in ironton, nc last christmas- and again this year. the many animals, hay stack/slide for play, crackling campfire, authentic santa, snack bar, and friendly staff make it so magical. if you live near this area, i can't recommend this experience enough. it's so wonderful.

st. anne the tart | dayton, ohio

annie dillard wrote, "how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." 

i would love to look back and know that i didn't always race for productivity but that i walked towards presence more often than not. i want to always look for the light and to observe how it shifts. my favorite is the softness at night. i want to put away my phone and connect with people. to go on a walk and notice the mother fastening her daughter's wool coat or the man leaving the market with flowers in hand. or children playing freely; so innocent and curious and resilient. 

i want to go on wanders