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simply loving

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basal coffee . charlotte, north carolina


I have been thinking 
about living 
like the lilies 
that blow in the fields.

They rise and fall
in the edge of the wind, 
and have no shelter
from the tongues of the cattle, 

and have no closets or cupboards,
and have no legs. 
Still I would like to be
as wonderful

as the old idea.
But if I were a lily
I think I would wait all day 
for the green face

of the hummingbird 
to touch me. 
What I mean is,
could I forget myself

even in those feathery fields? 
When Van Gogh
preached to the poor
of course he wanted to save someone-

most of all himself.
He wasn't a lily,
and wantering through the bright fields
only gave him more ideas

it would take his life to solve.
I think I will always be lonely
in this world, where the cattle
graze like a black and white river--

where the vanishing lilies 
melt, without protest, on their tongues--
where the hummingbird, whenever there is a fuss,
just rises and floats away.

by mary oliver
simply loving // 

01. we are one month into having a three-year-old... and i LOVE it. (it's hard, of course, at times) but oh, i love how much parks' personality is evolving. it's been magical to watch.
02. the maple sap iced coffee at basal coffee 
04. the spring weather we are currently enjoying in the carolinas / mid 70's and 60's this week 
05. my new online thrift shop (launched 12.11.18) it's a dream and i am loving it. 
08. these wine gummy bears from my friend, astleigh of darling do are perfect for valentine's day  
09. our church is doing a series on the generational gaps and it's been very interesting. also, this song was played at the end of last week's service and i had that intense feeling in my throat- the feeling when you are holding yourself back from all of the tears and emotions. 
11. a parenting book |  mind in the making 
12. essential oils: thieves and orange 
13. it's a long process / taking it slow but working on creating a minimalist kitchen
14. 45 things teens did in 1999 (so nostalgic) 

a few snapshots from this week // 
the two sides of parks
i see your true colors
shining through
he adores our doctor 
and even has a baby doll named after her...
we spent a lot of time at the park this week
he is so tender and loving and sweet-hearted
i added a few things to my shop this week 
and have more to add soon
you can follow my journey here
enjoy your weekend

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