parks' first birthday | a bear themed winter woodland | olive june

parks' first birthday | a bear themed winter woodland

it has been a little over three months since parks' first birthday party (i have been wanting to share for so long) but here it is! his birthday, january 15, was on a sunday and we had a few close friends + family here to celebrate. ever since he rocked a fuzzy bear hat from the gap (when he was a newborn, our sweet winter baby) we have referred to him as our 'boo bear.' when i started to plan this gathering last fall, i decided to go with a bear | woodland theme. we served my mom's chili, mexican cornbread, veggies, and chips and salsa, along with fun cocktails - to celebrate one year of parenthood. it was a cozy winter day; some of my very favorite days of the year.

here are some details + snapshots:
target had gold and silver painted greenery the day before... i decided to pick up some of the gold!
the lighting wasn't the best that day for photos... and i played photographer/iphone + mom + hostess. 
i hope you are inspired in some way though... and here if you have any questions. 
parks was sadly diagnosed (through x-ray) with pneumonia just two days before his birthday 
but i think he still enjoyed his special day 
luckily, he was not contagious so kids could still come and enjoy
he -almost- made it one year without any illnesses!! 
we are thankful for that and are so glad that he recovered so well 
the sprinkled 'p and one' donuts were from suarez bakery 
(they make the most beautiful baked goods) 
my dress | anthropologie 
necklace | twine and twig 
this is usually our tv stand, an antique buffet from sleepy poet ... transformed into a dessert bar
i decided to just do two decor tables, one for the desserts and one for the sundae bar 
originally, we wanted to do the party at a local brewery (so all of our loved ones could come and celebrate!) but the prices were out of this world. so instead, we cozied up with mostly family and really loved having it in our home. 
birthday bear | half pint fauna
it meant so much to have my parents here. they were so helpful and have done so much for us! 
how cute is she? i picked up these bear mugs at target for hot chocolate 
plus, her airplane leggings are from my shop 
she has the sweetest soul 
instead of favors, i created an ice cream sundae bar ... 
full of candy, poppers, party hats, and toy animals!!
there was also our favorite book, the wonderful things you will be, which people signed with a birthday note for parks. 
there were metallic animals (from etsy) throughout the dessert bar
my best friend, anna's son ... he was ready for cake! (and a posed beer) 
we are best friends for many reasons. 
my sister wasn't able to make it... so having this very special friend there meant the world to me. 
the letter board | letterfolk co 
"when the polar bears heard, they danced until dawn'
- on the night you were born by nancy tillman- 

the illustrations are so beautiful in the book, the wonderful things you will be by emily winfield martin. along with the message... this book is my favorite. 
his party hat | prop shop boutique
cake topper | perry hill rustics
sundae bar | all of the paper products, banner, and hats are from target

giraffe | oh joy! 
i picked up these animals at target for the kids to take home 
personalized woodland cake topper | wonderful collective
my sweet godson, william. i love him so much. 
'be brave - be kind' 
tim's aunt arlie (she is so amazing) was in town from boston 
so glad she was able to celebrate with us 
my sweet sister-in-law, tricia! i wish we lived closer but can't wait to head up to visit next week 
kisses from great gram
a naked carrot cake + straws + fake pine trees + on the night you were born + blue crocheted hearts + polka dot napkins + lots of gold & wood 
parks with his grandparents... he is such a lucky boy and is so loved
i was able to get the snow tipped evergreen trees for 75% off at anthropologie 
no matter how old you get, you will always be my baby 
happy birthday, parks 
for his invites, i made wallet sized photos of the print of parks in the bear outfit when he was a newborn and paper clipped them (with gold metallic paperclips) to the invites... 
which said 'our little bear cub parks is turning 1' 

(she was wonderful to work with and i loved how you can get different edges!) 
these two sisters are just adorable
he loves his papa 
playing before the party... as i sat in his glider and reflected on the past year
(this is a post on its own)
but all of the joys, the challenges, the way my heart now bursts with love every moment of each day
as my eyes filled up with tears... over and over. all day long
happy birthday, my little love
wishing you many, many more

it was a wonderful time, celebrating the first year of you
the year my life changed 
for the better.



  1. Your little Parker is so very cute and I adore the party decor! I always want to decorate for birthdays but then life happens. One day, I will though!

    1. awe, thank you so much!! it was so fun to plan and celebrate with loved ones. and i totally get it... i enjoy it but it's a lot of time! you got this, girl. have a wonderful friday and weekend! xo

  2. So cute! I just need you to be my party planner for forever ;)

    It looked like his birthday was so fun and I’m glad you had family come in and be there for his special day!

    1. so sweet coming from you! greyson's party was incredible!! it meant the world to have family here and hope you are all doing well!! hope to meet someday but love our blogland friendship. xo

  3. Oh my god. This is, no joke, the cutest baby birthday theme I have ever seen. I can totally see myself doing something like this- time to start planning! (I do not even have a child yet) lol...I love love it! So beautiful, day dreamy, fairy tale/childlike....

    1. haha- awe, so sweet! thank you so much! just the kindest words. hope you are well <3

  4. The dreamiest details! I would expect nothing less from you!

    1. so sweet! thank you, love!! hope your week is going well!

  5. Nelle, you decorations are so lovely! I'm not quite sure yet what we're doing for Phoenix's birthday -- it's not all that far away though so I need to get on it!

    1. hi! thank you! so nice of you... it was a great day! i can't believe that sweet boy is almost one <3 can't wait to see his little party (he's just too cute!) xo

  6. Hi There! I happened to stumble upon your blog and as a newer blogger I was really inspired by you! I love your style, and I have a sweet winter baby on the way so this post in particular made me smile. Just figured I would say hello, can't wait to see more from you!

    1. i am so sorry for the delay... but this really made my day and i am not sure how i just saw this!! thank you so much and i am so excited for you... enjoy every moment and hope you are doing well. always here if you need anything at all!! xo

  7. Such a cute theme! Curious where the adorable overalls are from. Thanks!

    1. hi! thank you so much... sadly, I can't remember ;( I am so sorry! However, etsy has a lot of knit romper options and these are similar:

  8. I am in love with this party theme — and will be doing something similar for my big man’s first birthday! Did you make the cakes? I am hoping to mimic the cake with the evergreens on it and wondered if you had any tips. Thank you!

    1. hi! thank you so much... hope yours goes well!! appreciate it and i ordered the cakes from a girl i use and then bought the evergreens on amazon and just gently placed them on top- hope this helps!! wish i had more tips but it was super easy :) enjoy the birthday party

  9. Gorgeous! Where is his outfit from?