a stroll through anthro | olive june

a stroll through anthro

there is something calming and inspiring for me about just browsing around anthropologie and searching, exploring, and taking photos - not even buying anything most of the time. 
i just love the atmosphere and almost everything in their stores… so beautiful/so my style. 
i love how each store is unique and has it's own feel
here are some recent snapshots from a stroll around anthro in charleston- kings street:
do you have a store that you feel similar exploring?

stop back in tomorrow to see what i received in my first christmas cheer box of the season?
it was lovely and oh so very fun to receive. 


  1. I love Anthropologie! Sometimes I wish I could just buy everything :)

  2. Oh I love that store! Not nearly as unique and classy as Anthro, but I like to wander around Target like that too! They always have something I want!