an autumn girls weekend | olive june

an autumn girls weekend

in lovely greenville, south carolina 
a little halloween home decor at the monaco chateau 
 carolina girls with midwestern souls 
renee is one of my very dearest friends
so close that if i didn't have a sister, she would have been my maid of honor 
i just love, love her to pieces. 
she is a sister to me 
and to my sister.
we spent the weekend laughing until we cried 
staying up until 4am talking in bed- like high school all over again.
there's nothing not to love about her
i thank God all the time for allowing me to grow up with such a sweet person 
and to also allow me to spend my adult life so close to her- we live less than two hours away from one another- so thankful for this gift. 

this little treat {bottom right} was waiting for me - all of my favorite things!
 do you think she knows that i love peanut butter and trader joe's?  
the treats were in a cute halloween bowl with fresh homemade soap- too cute for words.
we spent friday night enjoying warm red wine with cinnamon sticks - known as gluhwein
a german tradition that i fell in love with while living abroad
{i will be posting a great recipe soon- perfect for holiday parties- or on a chilly evening in}
along with sweet potato chill, cider beer, and nachos
we woke up saturday morning to snow 
and enjoyed coffee with homemade coconut creamer 
while continuing to laugh and chat- pretty sure there is nothing better for the soul
 than friends, laughing and coffee
saturday morning we ventured about ten minutes away to a cute little town called 
traveler's rest, south carolina
it is surrounded by the mountains and is oh-so-adorable
this crepe place is in my top ten of all time
both for taste and for cuteness 
my salted caramel latte was my favorite of all time- without a doubt. 
i savored every sip.
their website alone is ADORABLE - tandem

the crepes were so incredible. 
followed by a few fun breweries...
and a boutique...

it has been absolutely incredible getting to know this lovely lady over the past six years 
going to greenville is always a way for me to be surrounded by people that i LOVE.
it was simply perfect. 
i loved every second with these amazing gals
love you all 
thank you for all the laughs. 
next stop- charlotte, north carolina this winter.


  1. Here via Week's End... I love the serendipity while blogging. Your post is the one right before mine in the link-up, so of course I mosied on over, per the rules. I'm a Furman grad, so I spent four years in Greenville, SC! I'm originally from Greenwood, SC, just an hour down the road. I had to laugh when you referred to Traveler's Rest as a "cute little town" since that is not exactly the local reputation. But I'm glad you found a nice place to eat there. It sounds like y'all had a wonderful weekend!

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping in… haha- it wasn't always 'cute' - they have done a lot of work over the past few years- bringing in the amazing crepe place (so cute), boutiques, breweries etc… but no, not always the case but pretty cute now- we spent almost all day there and had a great time. :) Love Greenville as well… hope you have a great week and thank you again for stopping in!