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may intentions

it dawned on me earlier this week that i totally forgot to do an 'april intentions' post ... with everything going on, it honestly didn't cross my mind last month. lately, i am trying to live more out of intent and less out of habit. we have been trying to create a new rhythm + spring has been so beautiful here (which has helped).  overall, our kids have done extremely well and now i am focusing on myself; some personal needs and also a few ways i can hopefully serve other people. i find myself still trying to wrap my mind around it all ... but am trying to find a way to be present and to take in my time with my family.  

may intentions | 

01. take deep breaths
02. move my body 
03. make bread 
04. check-in on friends and family
05. read at least two books
06. delete photos on my phone 
07. clean out remaining closets and fridge
08. do art with parks 
09. stay healthy
10. drink enough water 
11. walks outside 
12. morning devotionals
13. create 
14. give/volunteer 
15. paint my nails
16. meditate nightly
17. ask for help when i need it
18. a date night (at home) 
19. acts of kindness
some gentle reminders |

+ look for the sparkle in their eyes
+ you're the right mom for your kids
+ it's never too late for a new beginning
+ find peace in this moment
+ talking to Jesus first is always a good way to begin
+ writing gratitude down 
+ essential oils lift spirits 
+ i feel so loved and supported (especially by all of the enneagram two's in our life- love them.) 
hope you are all having a wonderful week
what are some of your intentions for this month?

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