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easter memories

"Easter spells
out beauty, the
rare beauty 
of new life."
-s.d gordon

yesterday was a simple easter and was one we will probably never forget. we missed our loved ones dearly and thought of them often. there were phone calls and texts and a zoom call with my cousins. 

"Easter my look different this year, 
but He is the same. His love is the
same. His gift is the same. 
Everything that has ever really mattered about Easter still does,
no matter what our celebrations 
may look like."

most of the day just felt calm and peaceful and just really nice - spending it together, without rushing. we took our time and did baskets and an egg hunt, we made a big breakfast and experienced a beautiful church service around our table via candlelight. nash sat and watched almost all of it while parks played around us. we watched movies and did crafts and then got ready (for the first time in about a month) and took some family photos. and then not long after- we put comfy clothes back on. we ended the day with cocktails and indian takeout (because of all the cooking lately... and we simply prefer spicy ethnic food to a traditional easter dinner) plus, we have been doing takeout every sunday evening to support small businesses and wanted to focus on family time throughout the day. probably a first and last for easter- but we both agreed that it was the perfect decision for us. if anything, we would have made these ham sammies ...
in my heart, i felt grateful 
very grateful for this day
i shared parks' reaction on instagram ... but it was precious. 
we spent most of the day playing and relaxing and eating and just being.
more easter memories |
i collaborated with cuddle + kind for their easter baskets 
how precious are evan the elephant and elliott the fawn 
they were so excited and so in love. 
lots of cuddling throughout the day and last night already...
parks' sport coat was $1.99 thrifted and nash's outfit was passed down from family
the hunt was a highlight - first year for nash charlie
this was also a thrifted outfit - but it didn't last long.
for more details on their baskets here
parks went through the photos with me and he said this is his favorite:
my everything
the name crayons are from doodlebugcrayons
parks just loves seeing his name - he lit up!
easter joy
a look back at last year
(nash was so tiny...)
hope you and your family enjoyed your weekend + holiday if you celebrate
ours was pretty special.

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