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an outdoor family movie night

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"today i will trust
beyond the borders of
what i can see, and have
the courage to believe in 
what is greater than me."
-morgan harper nichols
this past weekend we planted and cleaned and put mulch in our flowerbeds and had outdoor picnics and enjoyed our twinkle lights at night. the days felt somewhat normal and productive and extremely nice. some days right now are really hard and then some are so wonderful. being together as a family at home on the weekends has been the best part for me. we have been enjoying time outside as much as possible (the weather has been so ideal for quarantine in the carolinas!) so i decided to surprise my husband and the boys with a projector for movie nights. i wrapped the box in brown paper and wrote their names, "date night tonight?" and drew some stars with crayons. it was such a fun evening! if you follow me on insta, there was a video of parks saying how special his surprise was while he was watching the movie. it was a special treat for all of us. now that we own a projector, i am sure we will be doing this for years to come. friday nights are usually pizza and movies for us. 

after the animated movie outside, i decided to watch 500 days of summer in our room- i love that movie. and how fun would a moms' night version be? 

next time: hoping to add more cushions/ottomans/poufs, and more snacks! 
(we went with trader joe's peanut butter cups, popcorn and honey wheat pretzels this time)

a small fire pit is also currently on my summer wish list
this is the movie projector we have (it was a little cheaper when i purchased) 
the screen quality is fantastic + very crisp! especially once it got really dark...
parks picked 'madagascar europe' from our dvd's / waiting on the cord adaptor to link our phones.... toy story 4 was our first choice
we made homemade pizza for our dinner picnic that night
nash charlie is all about the food! at every meal
i love this view!
if you have an outdoor movie night, please let me know! 
...hope it's lots of fun if you do...

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