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a grateful heart

"I worked so hard to be liked and wanted so badly to be loved,
only to have each attempt pruned back by the insensitivity of a world that wouldn't slow down.
Once I could drop down below the pain of my loneliness 
I came to accept my solitude and in that solitude I found eternity..."
-Mark Nepo

hello, sweet friends. how are you? what is the state of your soul today? i would love to read your check-ins if you care to share. if you are struggling, it's ok. it's a lot to take in and please know that i am here if you need to chat or vent or laugh or just be. here we are, seven weeks in to this time of social distancing and i am slowly sifting. there are good days and days that are not so good. i am trying to tune inward and listen and ponder and take in all of our surroundings. but it's hard, too. sifting through projects and ideas and disappointments and expectations. i am trying to hold space for kindness and optimism and peace. and hope.
a grateful heart |

01. sunshine . we have had the best weather during this time at home 
02. new indoor + outdoor plants (a trip to a local greenhouse/oakdale saturday was so wonderful) 
03. yoga flow (free classes here) + meditation + prayer
04. vintage rugs
05. warm biscuits and homemade pizza 
06. picnics
07. flowers from outside brought indoors 
08. playlists 
09. trees swaying ... creating shadows 
10. trader joe's 
11. my boys' innocence and ability to see joy in almost anything
12. family meals together 
13. diffusing all the oils
14. linen dresses (kyra jane has the most beautiful pieces) 
15. my journey with the enneagram (i am not sure if i will ever be able to thank it enough.) 
16. planting 
17. an outdoor movie night last night (so much fun!) 
18. takeout 
19. calling loved ones and their health 
this face is our nash charlie
a friend recently gave away some beautiful artwork . pieces of light 
i brought in some roses from our yard on earth day last week 
nash's room
this rocking chair was my husband's when he was a little boy 
watching the boys slowly move 
back and forth
back and forth 
is so special.
what are you grateful for this week?

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