staying home | a grateful heart | olive june

staying home | a grateful heart

"you're not stuck at home ... you're safe at home"

"in the rush to return
to normal, use this time
to consider which parts
of normal are worth 
rushing back to."
-dave hollis
a reminder

"if you're feeling anxious or stressed right now, it makes sense. do your best to manage things within your control, like how you're reacting to your anxiety or stress. ground yourself, practice being hopeful, mute triggers, stay hydrated, rest, be kind to strangers, hug your loved ones, pray, or meditate. try to be understanding of others who you may see as overacting or under-reacting; those are also normal responses, be gentle with yourself and others because things are swiftly changing, and no one has the answers. be mindful that everything happening right now is impacting everyone differently."
a grateful heart | 

01. a zoom + house party app saturday night with my family to celebrate my dad's birthday
02. hot cinnamon rolls + jazz the next morning
03. the weather has been in the mid 80's lately . so we brought out our mini pool for a dip 
04. our church - it's a magical community. full of love + spirituality 
05. my husband and i watched the movie, 'about time' (it's so lovely) + i cleaned to the soundtrack 
06. quiet, slow days. luckily, i am a homebody (and so is parks) so we have been doing pretty well- although there are hard moments, of course. we are missing our village very much... ready for hugs.
07. takeout + ice cream runs (we followed the restrictions) 
09. taking our time with home projects (just my style- slow and calm!) 
10. more time for music (all day long) and games and cuddles and dancing and puzzles and crafts
11. a nice home to be safe in 
12. sweet friends who reach out 
13. fresh flowers from the boys
14. happy hour on our patio 
15. the health of those i love 
16. the spring tree in our backyard 
17. comparing the shade of brown in my boys' eyes 
18. strangers with kind hearts  
i plan to purge and hopefully organize + work on becoming more minimal over the next month... but last week i started to rearrange spaces using things we own. it felt very refreshing...
ice cream at sunset
"i love this! this is the best day, momma."
we sent my dad 'hugs' in the mail for his birthday 
this was super easy- i just traced each one of them on brown butcher paper 
and then we decorated and took a walk to mail them to ohio.
a wonderful way to show someone you are thinking of them...
how are you doing?

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