activity for kids | seashell letter matching | olive june

activity for kids | seashell letter matching

"in the wild
of changing
hold on to 
the beautiful
-morgan harper nichols

i saw this idea posted by a friend (@michellelynneverett) about creating alphabet shells for her daughter around christmastime. and thought it was the most darling idea...
this alphabet seashells sensory play activity is perfect for learning the alphabet, for spelling sight words and for upper and lowercase letter recognition. parks and i enjoyed this activity while nash slept this morning. i shared ideas yesterday on this post, but thought i would share in case you are interested.
seashell letter matching sensory bin |

what you need: 
+ 52 shells (amazon or dollar tree - unless you already own some) 
+ sand (or you can skip and use a table/basket- especially for indoor play) 
+ one small container
+ a black marker

1. write each letter in upper case and lower case on a shell 
2. fill the container with sand
3. start with less sets and add more over time
4. add other beach items if you would like
5. dig for matches, name letters, or spell words
at four, upper and lowercase is still pretty hard to understand but we did a few letters today
he spelled:
p a r k s 
m o m 
m i m i
d a d
n a s h
a true truck lover ... trucks were very quickly brought into play
i hope you all enjoy if you decide to create 
please tag me on instagram if you do!
...i would love to see...

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