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activities + thoughts during social distancing

"And the people stayed home. And read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still. And listened more deeply. Some mediated, some prayed, some danced. Some met their shadows. And the people began to think differently."

"And the people healed. And, in the absence of people living in ignorant, dangerous, mindless, and heartless ways,  the earth began to heal."

"And when the danger passed, and the people joined together again, they grieved their losses, and made new choices, and dreamed new images, and created new ways to live and heal the earth fully, as they had been healed." 
- Kitty O'Meara

it's strange to think that before last week, i had never heard of the term social distancing- the thought had never crossed my mind. as the world is confronted with the reality of social distancing in an effort to slow the spread of covid-19, we are all finding ourselves in unprecedented times. sadly, the most vulnerable among us will bear the highest cost. in the weeks ahead, we will need to find ways to protect each other. for many, staying at home isn't an option. as a family, we plan to place a cardboard heart on our front door to honor all of those workers, especially the healthcare workers, who have taken oaths to help others in times like this.  

things can feel uncertain at the moment and a lot of families i have spoken to are feeling worried and overwhelmed. for my part, i hope to find ways to care for my family in our home. i hope i can offer comfort and ideas for navigating during this time. here is a list of some ideas ... i will also be adding on instagram and on here in the upcoming days and weeks. i am hopeful that in the midst of all of this we can remember how much we are all in this together. my heart has been warmed seeing others helping in beautiful, simple ways - trader joe's employees passing out free flowers while people shopped, customers at the starbuck's drive thru paying for others' orders, the singing from the balconies in italy, people waving at cars / honking, running errands and getting food for those in need. if anything, these gestures have brought some light. 
ideas for children | 

01. nature walks and collecting items for press books
02. paint nails / makeovers 
03. popcorn and movie night (make boxes into drive-in cars
04. books on tape
06. make moon sand
07. giving kids rags and having them clean (parks loves to clean his cars with a spray bottle + towel)
08. glow stick baths (our sticks are in the mail- excited for this surprise)
09. listen to podcasts for kids
10. yoga 
11. baking (we plan to bake banana bread)
12. build forts
13. movies and tv
14. dance parties
15. decorate cards for the nursing home (we will be sending some to my grandma in ohio)
16. gratitude circles (share in a circle what you are most grateful for) 
17. paper airplane contest
18. a treasure hunt 
19. crafts (i hope to share as we create on instagram and some on here) pinterest is full of ideas 
20. build a store with food items + incorporate math
21. call loved ones
22. play calming music (spa and piano are favorites) 
24. clay / watercolors / bingo blotters / chalk (self-portraits on the sidewalk) 
25. use cotton balls to create snow for truck/car play, to make trees, clouds, etc.  
27. for today, have a leprechaun sneak in and make a mess in one of your rooms (he messed up parks' room and i covered cookies in tin foil instead of gold coins) 
28. shaving cream art (just put it on a table and they can create- write their name, abc's, etc.) then you can also use food coloring to make different colors, place into a muffin tin and use in the bath tub with a paint brush or with fingers
29. play instruments / create songs + prayers 
30. a friend put a tent up in her backyard to play in 
31. turn your kitchen into a restaurant 
32. bubbles- break the rules and blow them inside 
33. embrace kiddo-led food prep 
34. get a little messy with play dough and science experiments
35. read lots of books and poetry 
36. play don't let the balloons touch the floor
37. go on a bear hunt (like the classic book) 
38. campfires at dusk 
39. use tape to make an indoor hopscotch 
40. take up a new hobby 

* my dear friends, shannon of @houseof.wade and amber of @_theholts have been posting great ideas. so thankful for both of them.
"to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." 
-audrey hepburn
for adults / home |

+ try to have some fun 
+ take it one step at a time
+ communicate your needs with the people you love + live with 
+ set an intention for your time 
+ spend time outside (we have a very, very small yard and usually prefer parks + nature ways around the city... but are going to make the best of it) 
+ create structure for yourself so the days don't run together
+ garden or tend to plants or pick fresh flowers and bring indoors
+ let this time of rest be a way to fill your cup
+ keep your space clean, fresh and comfortable - hygge it up! or let the messes go - and cuddle!
+ tackle a project or two you have been putting off

*inspired by @sarajanecase
what ideas do you have during this time? 
... i would love to hear...

more than anything, please try not to guilt yourself over certain things like screen time, snack choices and productivity right now. do whatever feels best for your family- look for the moments of joy and remember that we are all in this together. and that you're doing a wonderful job. i hope some of these ideas bring some calm and peace and rest and play to your family. thoughts and prayers to all at this moment.
"When this is over, 
may we never again
take for granted
A handshake with a stranger
Full shelves at the store
Conversations with neighbors
A crowded theatre
Friday night out
The taste of communication
A routine checkup
The school rush each morning
Coffee with a friend
The stadium roaring
Each deep breath
A boring Tuesday
Life itself. 

When this ends, 
may we find 
that we have become 
more like the people
we wanted to be
we were called to be
we hoped to be
and may we stay
that way-- better
for each other 
because of the worst."

- Laura Kelly Fanucci

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  1. Your list of ideas & take on this is so wonderful & refreshing! We are going to be doing lots of FaceTiming to family & friends for some social interaction! I’m finding it fun to be challenged to come up with activities to do at home (since I am not at all a homebody!) thanks for sharing :)