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simply loving

a dreamy galentines gathering . february 13 

simply loving |

01. jesus calling devotions every morning
02. the ages of our boys (i have loved every age) but am really loving 4 + 1.5 . they are curious and love to jump in big, juicy puddles and make messes - making more work for momma (but extra work that i am willing to do) 
03. we painted our home this week and i am absolutely loving the brightness and colors.
04. every month i dive deeper into non-toxic products, sustainable living and essential oils . and fall more and more in love with all of it. no going back!
05. krya jane clothing (handmade and so beautiful) 
06. watching all the lovers at trader joe's buying flowers yesterday morning 
07. all the vintage clothes for kids
08. embracing each season . i actually love winter (it's so mild here) + always have- even in the bitterly cold midwest growing up. taking it all in. the hygee feels bring me joy
last night i was invited to the cutest galentines at my friend, natalie's, with some dear momma friends
i was in aww at the gorgeous tablescape (i really appreciate these), food (we all brought things for a big charcuterie board), rose and most of all- the conversations and kind-heartedness and genuineness of the people who were there. they are accepting and warm and non-judgmental. i can be myself and i always feel so seen. it's raw and it's been so beautiful- i prayed for this group of friends and they are wonderful... like-minded and giving and creative and loving. i am just so thankful. 
my forever valentine wearing a $1.99 vintage kid to kid find
some flowers for my cousin and parks' teachers 
the cake was so, so delicious

here is the recipe:
this bath soak was the most precious favor: 

1/4 cup himalayan salt
2 drops of essential oils
a few rose petals
1/4 cup evaporated coconut milk 
1/2 cup epsom salts 

- mixed into a muslin bag to take home-
may you feel loved today
and every day.

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