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simple ways to read more books

"hug me like the night holds the moon."
-alexandra vasiliu
author of BLOOMING

last month i made it a focus to read- one of my favorite parts of my childhood and something i hope to always love. when i was young, riding my bike to the library and being able to just sit in a book store (although very far away!) were always a treat. i made reading a focus again in january and was able to get through six books:  

ask again, yes . mary beth keane (4 stars)
inside out . demi moore (4 stars)
the most fun we ever had . claire lombardo (5 stars)
a woman is no man . etaf rum (4 stars)
the unhoneymooners . christine lauren (2 stars)
in pieces . sally field (3 stars) 
nine ways to read more books |

01. go to bed earlier | one of the goals i have been working on most is going to bed earlier (it was midnight and now i am aiming for 10pm) we got rid of the television in our room and we both are so glad that we did. sometimes i miss a weekend cuddle with our whole family, but overall, it's been nothing but good - and has honestly encouraged me to get back into reading initially more than anything else 

02. always have a book with you | for appointments, carpool lines, etc. - just in case you find yourself waiting somewhere. find the books you love- a physical book, audio or an e-reader? mix things up and reflect on what works best for you.

03. join a book club | i am currently a part of two (one is new and one is going on ten years this upcoming july) but meeting and discussing a variety of books definitely helps 

04. use the library resources | the library (especially online for you live in a city) is such a wonderful resource. i have grown familiar with how the holds and pick-ups work and now use it weekly 

05. create a reading challenge for the year | i created one at the new year on the goodreads app (my goal is 40 books this year) 

06. read multiple books at a time | you will always have a book ready for your mood

07. stop reading | if you aren't feeling a book, stop reading it and then maybe go back to it at a later time. or just let yourself put it down and then try and find one you are into- there is no shame in that. mixing up genres also seems to make me more interested in books

08. take advantage of the little moments | if you want something, you learn to prioritize it- make an effort to chase down 15-20 minutes, untouched and sacred, as your reading time. turn it into a habit. setting a timer on your phone for a specific amount of time can also help 

09. display your books | place ones you atheistically love around your space + home. if they are visible, you will probably be more inclined to pick them up + enjoy 
do you love to read?
...what are your tips...
also, any books you are currently loving?


  1. I wholeheartedly agree with finding the books you love/figuring out the best format that works for you. Last year I barely read a thing, and that's because I was struggling to get into books that were hard copy. I bought a Kindle Paperwhite just before the new year began and finished three books in one week! I think it's made reading on the go much, much easier too. It's all about finding your groove.

    1. thank you so much! i hope you have been enjoying some great books lately... i fell out of my groove this month (i haven't been interested in the books i rented) but hope to get it back soon.