february intentions | olive june

february intentions

i recently heard someone say that coming up with a word each month to focus on did wonders in her life. my word for this year is wholeness ... so i am planning on coming up with 1-4 words each month to really focus on + to hopefully motivate me to create better routines and habits. 

january | vintage booth . celebrate . read 
february | wellness . paint . loved ones

january intentions |

01. work on baby books (i didn't work on their baby books... but i did read six books last month!)
02. capture 'in the moment' photos 
03. drink more water 
04. keep organized in my agenda 
05. yoga + walks 
06. enjoy celebrating parks' fourth birthday on the 15th
07. daily prayer 
08. intentional time with both of my boys 
09. meal plan 
10. attend church (love our church + this month!!) 
11. a date nigh
12. less time on social media 
13. olive june vintage projects 
14. a morning routine (meditate, coffee/read, workout) 
15. make time for friends 
16. schedule a hair appointment (it's been five months) 
we took the boys to the airport overlook + ice cream saturday evening

february intentions | 

01. an early morning routine / bed earlier
02. meal plan 
03. a workout routine 
04. paint (i have been wanting to do these projects for years.)
05. call + make intentional time for loved ones 
06. wash my skin every morning and evening
07. clean out my car weekly 
08. daily devotionals 
09. crafts with the boys 
10. stretch before bed 
11. make homemade soup
a few for you all this month:
 say i love you, when you feel it
plan a trip- even if you don't take it
put yourself first 
what are your intentions for this month?

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