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aldi favorites

over the past few years, we have been shopping at mainly aldi and trader joe's. as much as i love to browse and experience whole foods, the prices and options at these two stores have provided a way for our family to shop for healthy food at really unbelievable prices. we have basically been able to cut our grocery bill in half each month- while also falling in love with the food. i thought i would share an aldi shopping guide, full of our personal favorites. 

our favorite aldi products | 

01. gluten-free sweet chili chips
02. white bean chips + salsa 
03. organic extra virgin olive oil
04. fair trade coffee (hazelnut and pumpkin/seasonal are faves)
05. coconut cashew crisps
06. granola (for parfaits- our boys love these)
07. organic whole milk vanilla yogurt
08. produce (quality seems to vary. during the warmer months, we usually shop at farmer's markets) 
09. vanilla bean dessert hummus (i would love to try the brownie batter hummus soon) 
10. kombucha and la croix (for less than at most stores) 
11. cheese (if you are making a charcuterie board- this is the place to go!) 
12. tikka masala and other sauces for veggie bowls/rice meals
13. dried fruit (snack for the boys)
14. nuts
15. salt & pepper pistachios
16. whole grain waffles
17. eggs (for under $1- you can get a dozen)
18. milled flax seed (only around $1.99 a bag)
19. beer and wine
20. organic wildflower honey
21. spinach and kale dino bites (frozen section) 
22. naan bread 
23. biscuits ($0.99) - we love to bake these on the weekends + awesome for egg sandwiches
24. taco seasoning packets ($0.29)
25. fresh flowers
26. black beans
27. hummus
28. chocolate 
29. coconut oil
30. frozen fruit for smoothies 

things i want to try soon | hot sriracha, crab cakes, apple cider vinegar, peanut butter cups, almond butter, sweet potato chips, chicken salad, more fried fruits and nut blends 
a few other things to keep in mind when shopping at aldi... bring your own bags, since they are not provided. (they usually charge $0.07 and $0.10 for each plastic bag) also, you need a quarter for your cart, which you get back when you return it. most of the charlotte stores have been renovated or are brand new - and they are lovely. many of the new ones have a cart that fits both of the boys side-by-side/two belts (this is a simple thing, but for a mom of two, it makes shopping so much easier). also, keep in mind that aldi is not a service-based retailer (although this seems to vary by store). similar to their european roots, the idea is that you fend for yourself a little and in return, get organic and yummy food choices for a wonderful price.  

aldi has changed the way we shop and feed our family- we absolutely love it. 
...what about you...
are you an aldi shopper?
what are your favorites?
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