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valentine's day traditions for kids

a few years ago, my husband and i decided to make a valentine's day tradition that fits us and our current lifestyle- a six pack of local beer, thai takeout and a movie; a date night in. last year we watched the mr. rogers documentary, which we both enjoyed. before we had kids, i was pretty indifferent about valentine's day. however, now the day has become a day to show my kids a little extra love while trying to encourage them to show love to others. i would love to make this day special for them each year so i have been collecting ideas + traditions for our family.

valentine's day ideas for kids |

01. a movie night (sleeping bags, snacks, a fun drink) 
02. send cards to their grandparents + cousins
03. i love to get festive vintage outfits and go out to donuts with my boys
04. hang compliments on hearts around the house (once they are older, i love this idea) 
06. decorate cookies together 
07. a family dance party
08. buying each child a book that shows kindness + represents the importance of loving others
09. warm cinnamon rolls and a small plant or flower on a tray for breakfast
10. tie a heart balloon on their bed frame for them to wake up to 
i recently purchased parks' valentine's treats for his friends at school- otherwise, these tags would be my choice - tied to a little cutie orange. 
and remember- you definitely don't need kids to give out valentine's
spread kindness wherever you go...
these public displays are darling 
i also adore all the vintage valentine greeting cards
a memory from last year . baby nash- i see you.

what are your traditions for valentine's day?

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