my word of the year | olive june

my word of the year

january | "the comfort of reclusion, the poetry of hibernation." - marcel proust

over the past few years, i have really taken a step back and have gradually simplified life, with small baby steps; a continuous journey. i feel like motherhood can do that. at least it has for me- by showing me the purest love, it's led me to re-prioritize and has truly shown me what matters most. over the past year, i really worked on living more toxin-free and our family made steps towards living more sustainably. as i continue to chase slow.

and as a result, i have found myself to be more rooted, more confident, and more able to find the little joys in each day. and now... i want to appreciate the roots and i want to grow- always. studying the enneagram over the past few years (but especially over this past year) has led me to love who God created me to be and has enhanced my relationship with so many people in my life, especially my husband, my sister and myself. i am a nine/a peacemaker and therefore, anything that brings peace into my life, is what i yearn for most.

in 2020, i plan to look at myself as a grace seeker
someone who gives grace to others and embraces life with hope
 as i take on this year's word |

when i think of the word 'wholeness,' i think of energy and beauty and pureness - full of love and full of light. this year, i want to live vibrantly and with a whole-heart in everything i do. 

wholeness is the state of forming a complete and harmonious whole; it's unity in
health, growth, my spiritual connection, relationships, the environment, my small business, daily life 

it's my desire to feel an integration and wholeness in all aspects 

-to create more space-
for pieces to fall into place- to be more aligned and to be more at peace

whether being at peace means 
standing by the vast ocean or taking care of my skin more or watching my boys sleep or decluttering a space that is bothering me or looking up at the tall trees or painting our walls white (fingers crossed) or finding time to be alone, savoring a warm shower, enjoying a book or an ice cream cone without guilt or being outside more...

i hope to pray and listen and do both the hard things (remember- you can do hard things.) and the simple things that bring me a more peaceful heart. 
i love the moon
it's always there.
 here are my overall intentions //

wholeness in- 

God and my faith

treating my body like it's my sacred home with nutrition + yoga + meditation + workouts + water

my interactions with others; remembering that i matter 

being more gentle about my insecurities 

more play and more grace - for my boys. i want to be intentional as a mother

being a better wife, friend, sister, daughter, mother as a connect with others 

acting with purpose, clarity, and courage
nothing brings me more wholeness than these two
what about you
what is your word for this year?
ps: i love this resource for choosing a word 

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