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happy fourth birthday, parks james

"our love is unconditional 
we knew it from the start
i see it in your eyes
you can feel it from my heart" 
-george strait

dear parks james

today you are four. i love you. so very much. you are my sunshine day and night. watching you learn and grow and love has given me so much joy over the past four years. when we met early that morning, a chilly friday in the middle of january, you were the most beautiful thing i had ever seen. and our bond grows stronger each day; our connection is so genuine, so deep. this past year you grew and developed your personality and your love for your family and friends. oh, i loved you at three. i didn't want to let it go... and i don't want to let you grow up... but the older you get, the better i get to know you. and you are so wonderful. 

you loved being a ring bearer and getting donuts with your dad and nash on saturday mornings, your cousins all bring you so much happiness, christmas and halloween are your favorites- you absolutely loved being buzz lightyear (you thought your buttons were real! it was magical.), you adored a good 'cheers!' with dad's side of the family before a meal (+ especially on nye) and you loved traveling. (you are a rockstar road tripper and love the beach, mountains, and momma's hometown/your mimi and papi's pool most.) 

most of the time, you are calm and tender and gentle - yet have the cutest sense of humor. you appreciate the simple things in life. as your dad always says, you and i ... we have a kindred spirit.

you still love paw patrol, smoothies, cars, creating art, getting snuggly and cuddling while watching movies, going to the park, donald duck, and dancing. dark blue is your favorite color. your 'family' of stuffed animals is always traveling around the house with you. and 'the boat restaurant' (aka hello sailor) is your favorite place to dine in charlotte- you also love a pretty lake view. you still laugh when the wind hits your face just right and you still smile and love on your brother daily. and he lights up when he sees you. just yesterday you said, "i love watching nash grow and get bigger, momma." 

you love when the moon comes out at night, as you say goodbye to mr. sun. you love to have conversations and pray and share your grateful heart before meals and before bed; you still simply adore Jesus. 

you are-
still the someone who drives me to the ground- to renew and trust and seek after my maker. 

still my sweetheart;
my firstborn. 

always remember- 
you are beautiful
you are kind 
you are worthy
you are enough.

i love you 
to the moon and the stars
the moon and the stars 

with love,
your mom
"i cross my heart
and promise to
give all i've got to give 
to make all your dreams come true
in all the world 
you'll never find
a love as true as mine"
'cheers' to another year of 
admiring the moon 
and making wishes up to the stars

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