olive june: 2020

valentine's day traditions for kids

a few years ago, my husband and i decided to make a valentine's day tradition that fits us and our current lifestyle- a six pack of local beer, thai takeout and a movie; a date night in. last year we watched the mr. rogers documentary, which we both enjoyed. before we had kids, i was pretty indifferent about valentine's day. however, now the day has become a day to show my kids a little extra love while trying to encourage them to show love to others. i would love to make this day special for them each year so i have been collecting ideas + traditions for our family.

memories of turning four

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yesterday we celebrated our sweet parks turning four
it was pretty simple and full of his favorite things 

highlights for his momma: 
"my birthday makes me happy" 
and as i was walking up the stairs last night after everything, he was going to the bathroom downstairs with the door slightly opened and we had a conservation, whispering love and birthday thoughts back and forth- all in whispers:
 "it's your birthday and it's my birthday! 
happy birthday!
 you are four and i am four! i love you, momma...
i love you, my birthday boy."
 and it was something i think i will always remember. i continued up the stairs in awe. 

happy fourth birthday, parks james

"our love is unconditional 
we knew it from the start
i see it in your eyes
you can feel it from my heart" 
-george strait

my word of the year

january | "the comfort of reclusion, the poetry of hibernation." - marcel proust

january intentions

"the ache for home lives in all of us. the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned."
-maya angelou