december intentions | olive june

december intentions

snow was falling,
so much like stars
filling the dark trees
that one could easily imagine
it's reason for being was
nothing more
than prettiness.
-mary oliver

a look back at my november intentions // 

01. main focus: on healthy eating + workouts + morning ritual + being present + gratitude
02. finish home purge (i feel like there can always be more done though...) 
03. read two books
04. two collections to olive june vintage 
05. date night with my husband 
06. shopping ban (only gifts/from an approved list) 
07. really chasing slow/being intentional this month: limited evening events + capping outings 
08. church + acts of kindness
09. more sleep and more water
december intentions //

01. be present with my husband and my boys
02. attend church and focus on advent
03. acts of kindness
04. ask help before i think i should
05. drink water + walking + yoga
06. reflect on this past year
07. volunteer 
08. list five things i am grateful for daily 
09. explore nature with parks + nash and make things with our hands

what are your intentions for this month?

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