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christmas touches

we started to deck our home with christmas pieces this week. i really like to use bits of nature, sentimental/vintage items, along with small and sustainable items that can be packed up easily. we only have two bins of christmas decor and i am hoping to bring it down to one after this season. here is a sneak peek + i am planning to add a few more natural elements soon. however, i thought i would share some of our touches so far. parks has been so into helping me this year; warming my heart with his enthusiasm. i hope you enjoy this mini tour.

i am just so thankful
thankful for everything we have been given
thankful for beauty 
for traditions and memories and for time together

i put colorful lights on his bed frame 
he walked in and said, "momma- they are just so beautiful!"
instead of the typical 'elf on a shelf," our boys get a jellycat elf when they turn two 
she/he is magical and sits on a shelf (all the time) 
i wanted the magic, but i also am really striving for simplicity
parks has loved 'eva' so much so far (ps: wall-e was big for us last year) 
she can't be touched and travels back while he sleeps to report to santa
his eyes lit up when he saw that she had returned this year!
we don't have a fireplace so i decided to put the boys' stockings in their rooms this year 
my dream home: a fireplace in every year! or most.
nash's room | 
other spaces | 
these vintage choir dolls were my husband's grandmother's 
and she sadly passed away last friday, november 29 
when we unpacked them sunday, we both looked at one another 
i don't think i will ever forget my husband's face- it was of pride and of sorrow- so bittersweet. 
please keep my husband + family in your thoughts and prayers if you could...
i bought this wreath at a thrift store in ohio for $1.79 last week
and it's bringing me joy
i love how simple it is and how it will work for any season of the year
parks filled our advent calendar with hershey kisses today
once my kids are older, i want to hang a minimalist advent calender like this one
filled with acts of service, quotes, pieces from our tree, experiences, etc. 

i hope to share more details soon 
have you decorated for the holidays yet?

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