st. anne the tart | dayton, ohio | olive june

st. anne the tart | dayton, ohio

annie dillard wrote, "how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." 

i would love to look back and know that i didn't always race for productivity but that i walked towards presence more often than not. i want to always look for the light and to observe how it shifts. my favorite is the softness at night. i want to put away my phone and connect with people. to go on a walk and notice the mother fastening her daughter's wool coat or the man leaving the market with flowers in hand. or children playing freely; so innocent and curious and resilient. 

i want to go on wanders

this past tuesday, i ventured about fifty minutes south of my hometown to a coffee shop in downtown dayton, ohio called st. anne the tart. the atmosphere was simply so thoughtfully curated and the people- oh, the people. i know i say it every time i come back to the midwest, but it's just always so charming and almost overwhelming - in a good way. there were several different parties upstairs in the area i spent a few hours relaxing in and almost every single one genuinely talked to me at some point- it was very heartwarming. i took in the coziness and read and blogged and journaled and chatted with the friendly locals and sipped a warm latte.
the pastries
shop scenes |
every year i seem to love november a little bit more
one of my favorites 
the floors, the windows, the vintage touches
but i think what i loved most was this 'do good' sign when you first walk in
you can buy an item for a specific person or for a stranger 
i stood for a few moments and took in the lovely notes 
the sweetest gestures- many very powerful.
my corner for the morning
+ a little sign of my home now, carolina
you are special.
i hope to visit again 
please tag me and let me know if you ever get to visit this space!

hope your thanksgiving day was wonderful
hello, holidays

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