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simply loving

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momsgiving last night was so wonderful- being surrounded by the community of women i prayed so hard for. they are warm and welcoming and loving and open-minded and accept me just as i am. 

01. the 9 stages of a midwestern goodbye (so true. and so funny.) see you in two days, old friend
05. thoughts of our christmas tree being up soon 
06. the library 
07. immune support diffuser blends: 3 drops thieves, 3 drops lemon, 1 drop frankincense (+ this is my dream diffuser
08. a loving community of women + mothers to raise my family with  
09. our most recent home purge has me feeling peaceful and even more ready to take in the holidays 
one of my instagram friends created this cozy christmas playlist and i wanted to share because it's so good + i love following her.  (@brheachristine)
we spent tuesday morning at winghaven for story time, crafts and exploring
these two are the best momma friends i ever could have asked for 
i recently went through every toy and closet and (almost every) space in our home
this part feels so good.
but if i am being honest, i feel very drained at the moment.

it's time to listen to my body; it's time to slow down. praying for some rest soon and that we safely arrive in my hometown over the weekend. for some intentional time with loved ones while celebrating thanksgiving. 

i am pretty sure this is the most thankful i have ever been- so it should be extra special this year.

lastly, i am thankful as ever that you are here and reading and learning alongside me. 
so thankful.

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