a cottage getaway | asheville | olive june

a cottage getaway | asheville

"how beautiful it is
to find someone
who asks for
nothing but your
-author unknown

yesterday morning i drove over to asheville, north carolina to spend one-on-one time with a lifelong friend before she welcomes a baby boy next month. the mountains and pine trees always appeal to my romantic side. it all felt warm and cheerful and peaceful; like winter and the holiday season are on the horizon. the crispness in the air and strands of twinkle lights being unwrapped always bring me renewed energy. and more gratitude than the other seasons of the year. 

 we had brunch and coffee downtown and strolled through a few unique shops before checking into a cottage for the afternoon and evening. the cottage felt extremely european and reminded me of the cozy home in the 'the holiday." between jobs and motherhood and homes and countless obligations, a few hours of reading, indian takeout, a playlist and hours of deep chats next to a wood burning stove was just what we both needed. i am forever grateful for our friendship... over thirty years of memories- with more to come. she loves me genuinely and purely and is always the best supporter. 
maple cinnamon lattes
our little home for the day | 
it felt like a charming country camper
the owner, paul, was the sweetest and helped us build a warm fire for the evening
we kept it going  ... two country girls (turned city) remembering their roots
i brought her my friend, korie's homemade baby book
+ a pair of baby shoes
so many natural elements and touches 
thankful for this space
i left with a very full heart
and a reminder of one of my greatest gifts from God
in this one life.

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