olive june: November 2019

st. anne the tart | dayton, ohio

annie dillard wrote, "how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." 

i would love to look back and know that i didn't always race for productivity but that i walked towards presence more often than not. i want to always look for the light and to observe how it shifts. my favorite is the softness at night. i want to put away my phone and connect with people. to go on a walk and notice the mother fastening her daughter's wool coat or the man leaving the market with flowers in hand. or children playing freely; so innocent and curious and resilient. 

i want to go on wanders

gentle reminders

st. anne the tart . dayton, ohio / 11.26.19

simply loving

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momsgiving last night was so wonderful- being surrounded by the community of women i prayed so hard for. they are warm and welcoming and loving and open-minded and accept me just as i am. 

a cottage getaway | asheville

"how beautiful it is
to find someone
who asks for
nothing but your
-author unknown

simply loving | first holiday edition

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it was a fairly quiet weekend over here at the monaco home, and it was much needed by all. we watched movies, had dance parties, organized our spaces, made homemade soup and spent time together. september and october were both whirlwinds and i have learned that i need time spent hibernating alone with a slower rhythm to recover.  i am thinking ahead at simple ideas to make this season special without (hopefully) over- scheduling our family. i want it to be memorable and intentional while focusing on the most important parts: making, gathering, giving, resting, caring, appreciating, reflecting, and remembering.

november intentions

"be enough
for yourself first
the rest of the world can wait."

an earthy baby shower

i have such a special post to share with you this morning. one of my closest friends growing up is expecting a darling baby boy in december. we wanted to create an intimate and whimsical event inspired by natural elements. it was such a heart-warming pleasure to host a gathering for one of my favorite people. i hope you enjoy the details from the shower... and as always, here if you have any questions.

creating a restoring nighttime rhythm | with magiclinen

in partnership with magiclinen
"rest nurtures creativity, which nurtures activity. activity nurtures rest, which sustains creativity. each draws from and contributes to the other." - kim john payne