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pumpkin patch magic

carrigan farms . mooresville, north carolina

if i've learned anything as a parent, it's that time is very precious. and just like everyone tells you, it all goes insanely fast. i feel like we just brought parks home from the hospital, yet here we are with nash climbing everywhere and running and playing and talking more and more. i think about this all the time- how did this happen? so to slow things down a bit, we try and spend as much time together as possible and love to take the boys on dates whenever we can. sometimes it's on a weekend, where we do a family day or one-on-one time with one of them and one of us and sometimes it's during the week. yesterday we spent the afternoon together in a nearby city. we browsed a beautiful antique mall in a historic building, grabbed lunch out, and then explored carrigan farms. 

here are some snapshots from this autumn afternoon together |
pumpkins bring him so much happiness 
it's so darling to see
this guy too
see... he just wanted to run and climb. 
lately, it feels like he is growing daily...
i love this photo because parks looks so proud
i never could have imagined the love + pride he would have for nash
being together, all four of us, is always so special
these are the days i cherish most 

have you explored a pumpkin patch + farm yet this season?

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