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practicing mindfulness with kids

mindfulness has become such an important aspect of my life and is something that i want to pass onto my children. from simple rituals like nightly family dinners, dance parties, reading books, going for walks/the park to special times like vacations and christmas traditions and birthday celebrations- i want them to pay attention to the events happening in the moment. i yearn for them to carefully observe thoughts and feelings- to develop a sense of self awareness. 

we often feel disconnected from the earth and from each other and are looking to fill voids and ease pain. what i have learned? things will not fill the hole of disconnection we experience. only through deeper connections and quality time and the reality of our emotions and in our relationships with others, can we achieve mindfulness. 

mindfulness activity ideas for kids | 

01. nature walks: be barefoot, feel the ground, gaze at the clouds, relax, breathe, take in your surroundings 
02. yoga + stretching: turn the lights down, put on calming music and guide your child through poses and stretches 
04. books (i have a lot of recommendations here
05. breathing: taking deeps breaths is so important for relaxation; bringing a sense of awareness to the body. using a candle, picturing a balloon opening and closing, or using a pinwheel as visualizations and taking deep breaths in and out (counting to five) is a great way to start this practice. 
grounding with your senses | 

what can you hear?
things you can see?
things you can feel/touch?
things you can taste?
what can you smell?

asking these questions throughout the day or having your kids do a certain amount by the end of the day (ex. 5 things they can see, 4 things they can hear, etc.) is also a wonderful way to have them stop and embrace certain moments of the day.  
building 'houses' and forts and 'cars' on our couch
we do daily affirmations throughout the day:

"i am smart
i am blessed
i am enough
i am kind
i am a child of God
i can do anything!"
more than anything,
i want them to grow up believing in themselves
to honor their emotions and their worth.
how do you practice mindfulness?

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