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october intentions

"and the sun took a step back,
the leaves lulled themselves to sleep
and Autumn was awakened."
-raquel franco

we woke up saturday and told parks we were going on an adventure... thomas the train was such a fun experience + there is so much to do. if you are near charlotte, i recommend going this upcoming weekend.

a look back at september

01. a shopping ban . only purchasing the essentials this month *i bought a few things for the boys at a consignment shop but used money i earned at a garage sale 
02. take parks on a date and focus on activities/time with nash while parks is at school 
03. work on the boys' baby books
04. yoga + focus on my posture 
05. read at least two books i read 'leaving the witness' and 'love and other words' 
06. make a list of daily to-do's for self-care (supplements, face, teeth, workouts) 
07. get my wedding ring fixed 
08. pick apples at a local orchard *it's been too hot (nineties and humid almost every day but hopefully soon!) 
09. pack parks' school lunch the night before *need to get better at this! 
10. add at least two collections to olive june vintage
11. clean out car and car seats weekly 
12. daily prayer and meditation 
13. finding non-toxic fall candles (to purchase in october!) any you love?
14. we canceled our cable + removed the television from our bedroom 
not just coffee jay st. has the most yummy fall spice latte and comfy seating + plants for sale
october intentions // 

01. work on eating more of a plant-based diet - any tips?
02. add two collections to 'olive june vintage' 
03. the boys' baby books 
04. decorate our front porch for fall (parks is dying to do this!) 
05. fall nature crafts with the boys + i hope to share what we create on instagram
06. daily walks (at least two miles) + yoga several times per week 
07. pumpkin patch + apple picking with our family
08. an early morning ritual (hoping to get up at 5:45am every day for this challenge) want to join me?
09. read at least two books from the library 
10. a date with my husband
11. mini fall house purge to get ready for the holidays
12. church weekly + at least one act of kindness per week 
13. story time with nash
14. pack parks' lunch the evening before school
15. try a new spot in our city 
16. go to bed before 11pm 
17. get back to the laundry schedule highlighted in our winter rhythm 
18. focus on my self more: challenge myself to begin and sustain healthy routines that take care of my mind, heart, body, and soul. 
what about you?
what are your intentions for this month?

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