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life lately

the gift

Be still my soul, and steadfast
Earth and heaven both are still watching 
though time is draining from the clock 
and your walk, that was confident and quick, 
has become slow. 

So, be slow if you must, but let
the heart still play its true part. 
Love still as once you loved, deeply
and without patience. Let God and the world
know you are grateful. 
That the gift has been given. 
-mary oliver

saturday morning, i attended a local honest motherhood event 
we made fall bouquets, ate pumpkin waffles/pop tarts, and chatted over coffee 
it was the first morning with a crispness in the air - which made it magical in many ways.
kindred souls
she is everything i prayed for- and so much more. 
homemade waffles + pop tarts were added to this gorgeous spread
she has the most beautiful heart + is always there for our family in the most loving ways
later that day, we ventured to waldhorn german restaurant for their annual oktoberfest with a few friends... brats, polka, beer and dancing underneath market lights on an autumn evening
this morning, we explored a new kids space called confete soiree and play
a play/party//craft/cafe space 
this time one-on-one with nash has been so wonderful this fall 
we both totally fell in love with their beautiful space: 
join them every monday morning for 'words of wonder' / a story and a craft
everyone was so friendly and welcoming ... it was just an incredible experience
we can't wait to come back and explore more soon
confetewithme on instagram for updates
they read the book, waiting (an adorable story!) and made a little bunny
nash was so happy + loved playing with his cousin 

what about you
how was your weekend + monday so far?

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