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halloween! | you've got a friend in me

happy halloween! this day has always been fun, but this year has had more anticipation here as parks has been planning costumes since last spring (or maybe even before!) he has gone through many costume ideas: mario, chase, luigi, captain america... but then one morning in early september while we were waiting in the carpool line at school, he said, "momma, i got it!" 

...here is what he came up with...
"mom! i want to be buzz lightyear!!!" 
"do you think daddy will be woody?"
nash was going to be ham/evil doctor pork chop (a pig with a black top hat) but then parks fell in love with the song, 'beep beep i'm a sheep.' and changed him to a sheep.
and he went between elsa and bo peep for me... but we were already in toy story 4 heaven by then
-to infinity-
i usually don't go for matching/a theme but it was fun to be coordinated this year
we went to dowtown davidson for their annual halloween parade last friday - loved it!
tonight it's supposed to storm right around 6pm so we are going to an indoor halloween gathering for gelato and festivities and then plan to trick or treat with friends tomorrow evening
he thinks his buttons are real 
this age is just so magical
bo peep and her baby sheep
the power of wings
wishing you a fun and festive day + evening with your family
hope it's full of magic
what are you all dressing up as this year?


  1. had so much fun with you all & your costumes were perfect! I love a good family theme ☺️

  2. loved celebrating with you all and thank you for taking some photos!! and you are the best at family themes!! xo