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an october morning

lately, there has been cinnamon in our oatmeal, costumes on our minds, acorns in our pockets and leaves underfoot. we explored a nearby city last saturday morning with my cousin and her two little girls while my husband enjoyed a golf trip in florida. there was an enchanting crispness in the air as families browsed the market- reminding me once more why i love this time of year. a middle school student played the guitar and sang- this age group still warms my heart when i see them shine. we enjoyed story time at a local bookstore and then took a walk over to a local pumpkin patch. although brief, watching nash fall in love with the pumpkins was something i always want to remember (balls-and his dad- are his favorite things) so he was very much in love. 

heirloom pumpkins are momma's favorite
oh, the joy
socks on our feet
soups simmering 
spice scents diffusing
a dimness around suppertime
a few pumpkins now on our porch

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