things i always want to remember | 1 and 3.5 years old | olive june

things i always want to remember | 1 and 3.5 years old

there aren't many things i love more than a baby in a bonnet

parks' first day of three's . september 4, 2019
for parks |

+ your love for school and your friends and your teachers and your 'pack pack' - you had the best first day!  wishing you the most wonderful year, beautiful boy
+ age three has been one of my very favorite things in this whole world - you are blossoming. and it's been magical.
+ you say the cutest things - often times repeating an adult phrase
+ the way your eyes light up
+ making homemade pizza and popcorn for a movie night 
+ one of your biggest treats is being able to look at halloween costumes on
+ how you line up your cars and take so much pride in each one + giving them all names after the people you love most
+ the way you still notice and point out all the helicopters and airplanes and police car and diggers and city buses and fire trucks
+ "momma, i love you." "is the sun going home, momma?" "nashie boy is my baby" 
+ your wild imagination - i love to ease drop on your play and watch you create 
+ our kitchen dance parties 
for nash | 

+ when your little fingers play the piano in our den
+ and how they point to things as you 'oooo' 
+ mealtime is your favorite time of the day - along with your morning nap
+ when you get to play solo without your brother... although you love him so, you also love the freedom of playing alone 
+ your pudgy baby feet + toes
+ watching you eat a plum or a peach 
+ books and balls and balloons and your stuffed bear are your favorites
+ the way you look over at your brother in the car (for the entire drive!)
+ how you nuzzle into my chest in the ring sling 
+ your soft hair and vibrant smile and contagious giggle 
+ when we sit underneath a big tree on a quilt at a local park and you play 
+ how excited you get when your dad comes home from work 
blessings for my big boy on a brand new school year 
and to being able to have one-on-one time with my baby boy
and a big virtual hug to you all for following my journey; 
for praying and loving and caring for my boys 

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