ten things i love | olive june

ten things i love

"and i say to my heart:
rave on."
-mary oliver, thrist

 ten things i love //

01. curating small, intimate gatherings 
02. taking pictures 
03. old things, old homes, old country music, old souls, old books, old people, all of it. 
04. essential oils 
05. local cafes + restaurants with thoughtful, eclectic decor + trinkets (give me a hole-in-the-wall with good food and a fun/beautiful atmosphere over fine dining)
06. long conversations + prayer/meditation + yoga
07. thrifting + minimalist living (a work in progress) | gives me more time to love on people and take in each day. 
08. flowers and plants
10. picnics and lakes and cats and madewell and the midwest/family and our church and breweries and markets and road trips and cheesecake and christmastime and clay earrings and gilmore girls and my husband and spicy ethnic food (thai, indian, sushi and mexican are at the top of the top) and knitted baby clothes/wood toys and snow/rainy days and europe and motherhood - and so many things. 
being a mom; a boy mom- has stolen my heart. i love it so very much.
what are ten things you love?