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simply loving

parks is so into fall - all the pumpkins, the halloween costumes, the colorful leaves, the seasonal donuts. he's in love. the other day, i brought home three small pumpkins from trader joe's and he immediately assigned them all owners/rooms and went and placed them. he had so much excitement + joy when he saw them. his biggest treat right now is looking at costumes on and as much as i would love to pick out a cute costume for him this year, i tell him... 'you can be whatever you want to be, sweetie. whatever you want.' he finds joy in the smallest things and it reminds me to stop and be present - not to worry about the past or the future- but to just be still and savor. 

"slow down 
and everything you are chasing 
will come around and catch you."
-john de paola

simply loving // 

01. the book, 'love and other words' is my current library book 
04. all the velvet and fall wreaths at target right now (went for the first time in a long time today and wow!) 
05. the pumpkin brew at bruegger's (the smell still reminds me of my first fall in charlotte) 
07. m salt - the best seasoning! 
08. this dress is so cute
10. this nail polish
11. brandi carlile radio
12. this counting wood toy for toddlers
hope you have the best weekend
what are you currently loving?

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