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mr. and mrs. wolf

mr. and mrs. wolf

my little brother, alex, got married this past weekend. he married a girl from our hometown in ohio. they grew up one grade apart (k-12) in a very small town (around 60 people per class), went to same college (ud), moved to the same city after college (cincinnati)... and it took going to a march madness game in indianapolis (because her dad had an injury and gave up his tickets) for their paths to cross- and for their story to begin. 

i didn't snap a single photo during the wedding itself, just a few shots before and after. a wedding is a celebration of love for sure, but it's an act of love, too. it's also a preparation of acts of love. it's helping hands and quiet words and rose balls to be carried by eager kids. it's singing in the choir loft of your hometown church (for both families) and your tender-hearted uncle performing the sentimental mass. it's kitchen table manicures and wine spritzers and a sunset over the cornfields of your 'home.' 

it's watching your mom and brother dance to 'i cross my heart,' while you lean on your dad with tears streaming down both of your faces. 
it's pure
it's a knot in your stomach 
and a catch in your throat
it's a new addition 
planted by God
so that your own heart will grow.
nash is always looking at his big brother 
so this was one of my favorites from the day
i always want to remember //

01. the joy on my brother's face as his bride walked down the aisle with her dad
02. being surrounded by loved ones in the place that raised us - we had so many people helping us 
03. watching parks as a ring bearer... he was so brave and did such an amazing job and was overjoyed to be dressed like his uncles, his dad and his papi. (he tends to be reserved with people he doesn't know; he made his dad and i so proud) 
04. the venue: a candlelit tent and vintage barn were simply breathtaking 
05. my cousin, brett, was the best man and i loved his speech + seeing him with my brother that day
06. cruising on backroads with the wedding party and then getting off the bus and seeing nash's big smile awaiting us 
07. being with my parents (both of them kindly expressing how proud they are) and my sister- bridesmaid dresses and bouquets and watching our baby brother together; he's truly never looked happier.
08. square dancing to the farmer's daughter (we missed 'roll out the barrel' but got to do one- so many memories) 
09. the mother/son dance (it was so special) 
10. the hugs and my niece with her flower crown and family friends, who are like family and the vibrant sunset + cool country air and getting ready with the bride and fresh eucalyptus and my dad's speech the evening before and our adopted brother/son, jacobo, and his wife joining us all the way from spain and the bride + groom walking away at midnight... hand in hand. 
nash with his godfather and aunt britney
he loved being a ring bearer!
this little guy is hard to catch for a photo these days
my husband - how handsome is he!! 
walking into church with their barbies
father and son
sweet leona was the most gorgeous (her word for her that day) flower girl
if you know me, you know my deep love for children. having them with us during the day was difficult at times (our first immediate family wedding with kids) but i would never have changed it for the world. it was so important to me to have them with us - and they brought joy in the purest way.
this girl- she has her aunt nellie's whole heart 
the 21st day of september 
-a new special day-
for our family
one to always remember

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