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an afternoon at the carnival

we spent this past sunday afternoon at a local festival with the boys; a fun way to send off this special summer; a summer where the boys became even closer - the first one where they were both mobile to play with one another. i know it is one i will always remember.

'slow parenting' and taking in each day is so important to me- some days at home and some days out exploring with others or with our family. i try to encourage them to walk slowly when we can and take in their surroundings. parks loves to point out 'tiny, perfect things' (from this book). he was mesmerized by the shiny lights and bright colors and music at the festival. he rode a few rides and got a strawberry ice cream cone and although we waited in line for him to get an elephant face painting, we ran out of time because of a cookout we were heading to next... 

i love this article from the Boston Globe about slow parenting //

"I encourage parents to take some time to watch their children, whether they are playing, doing homework, or eating a snack," {John Duffy, a clinical psychologist and author of The Available Parents} says. "Take a moment to drink them in. Remember and remind yourself how remarkable your children are. That pause alone, even if momentary, can drive a shift in the pace"...

"These days when everyone is so busy, we need to be intentional about making space for family time..." Family time, says Contey {cofounder of Slow Family Living} is different for all of us. You might say, 'we're all here on Thursday mornings, so let's make a leisurely pancake breakfast" ; "or one night a week take a walk in the dark before bed." Something like that can feel really special and the kids will remember it as they get older"... 

i love to squeeze in fun outings like this one while also taking things extremely slow and just watching them. the other night, the boys were taking a bath and instead of cleaning the bathroom or reading or being on my phone, i decided to just sit and look at them. i noticed how nash's hair sticks out to each side and slightly curls while parks hummed so peacefully. i noticed their pudgy little fingers playing with the rubber boats and their soft round bellies and the sweetness in their voices. 

so much tenderness 
and i could have just as easily missed it.
some of the things i remember most from my childhood summer days:

+ nighttime bike rides around the lake in my hometown / we rode on the back of our parents' bikes
+ playing games with the neighbors until dusk
+ catching lightning bugs
+ my mom's carrot cakes and dad's omelettes 
+ when our hometown marching band would march through the streets to practice
+ running wild on my grandpa and grandma's farm 
+ camping in our backyard 
+ lots of time at the local library and pool (swedish fish and jolly joes and chick-o-sticks)
+ riding rides and fireworks at the annual summer town picnic, which was always on the fourth of july 
+ campfires (and when i dropped a marshmallow that was on fire on my knee!) 
+ ice cream cones with sprinkles 
+ boating on the lake + singing 

i wonder what my boys will remember most
what will bring joy to them as they look back?
summer has been wonderful 
 so many fun travels and dance parties at home and slices of watermelon and ice cream cones

parks starts school tomorrow and met his teachers this morning
he is beyond excited to be going back 
and i am excited for one-on-one time with nash (+ all the pumpkins)
how do you plan to take in the little moments with your children?

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