a late summer home tour | olive june

a late summer home tour

today i am sharing a glimpse into our home for a late summer tour - before i add a few fall touches soon. for fall, i love to add real pumpkins and a few dried flowers throughout. i want our home to look like something that's been curated over time in a thoughtful way; mixing old and new for an eclectic look. if i am honest with you, old homes have my heart. and probably always will. but... we don't currently have one- this home was built in 2014 and although i am so very, very grateful for it, it's not exactly my style. therefore, i try to add pieces with charm and pieces that have meaning for an overall aesthetic that is minimal, personal and cozy. being a mother and working from home and wanting to create meaning and connection more than anything else, has forced our family to simplify our lives. it's been hard (especially at the beginning- where to begin?) and yet, so incredibly refreshing ... and much easier to take on and continue now. we try and pick a few things to focus on each month and that has really helped us.

i hope you enjoy a little look inside...

a late summer home tour //
i would love to paint all of our walls white (many are already but some are light/a medium gray) with a taupe trim throughout but we haven't decided for sure yet...
i post a lot of home inspirations on this pinterest board
the baskets underneath the wood buffet hold the boys' toys because i have learned that storage with two small kids is key. for us, storage works best in wooden boxes, baskets and chests. 
one is for books and then one is for parks' toys and one is for nash
(although they are encouraged, of course, to play with one another's toys- parks knows which bin is which for cleaning up)
vintage + thrifted art pieces and family photos are my favorite way to add art
along with peg + accordion wood racks and wicker baskets
if we do paint all the walls white (my dream and i would start it today if i felt qualified!) then i also want to paint this piece, my desk and a bookcase in the den a taupe/cream color
plants and natural elements are also two favorites
the art piece below reminds me of the lakes near my hometown:
this house is a summer retreat dream
our front den is a play area with some seating and a piano
we stopped using paper towels at the new year and it's been pretty seamless
neither one of us miss them - instead, we use cloth napkins and reusable cloth paper towels
layering rugs is also one of my favorite ways to add an extra touch
parks' big boy room 
i am always changing and moving things for a fresh, new look
a peg shelf in the boys' bathroom
for decor pieces, my online thrift shop, olive june vintage, has several pieces available
vintage rugs and jute rugs fill our home 
i love both so dearly
i get a lot of questions about the tree house in the corner
it's from crate and kids and was our gift for parks on his third birthday
his paw patrol pups live in there and he loves it - it's so beautiful
our master bedroom
my biggest advice for building a home? 
light / non-shiny floors. not dark wood floors.
i am telling you- don't do it. haha
we really didn't have an option in our neighborhood... almost every home has these raisin colored floors and 1. they aren't my style and 2. they are so, so, so hard to keep clean. i sweep them multiple times a day and they still never look clean. 

my friend, chrissy, just put in these floors and i LOVE them.
i didn't post any of nash's room in this post but his room is my very favorite and it's posted here
we also have a loft/toy room, a nook area where my desk is and a laundry room that aren't posted on this post.
how do you love to decorate your home?
...what about seasonal decor...

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  1. What a cozy space and perfect blend of whites and browns, new and antique! I love it!!

    1. thank you so much! your comments always make my day... so sweet. hope you're doing well and enjoy your week