a grateful heart | olive june

a grateful heart

"may you approach
this season with
gratitude and a
 deeply rooted hope
that everyday will
teach you something
that is an integral
part of your growth"

a grateful heart //
01. baby toes
02. house plants
03. poetry
04, being able to help others
05. vintage rugs
06. a girl's night out - sushi, an old fashioned and jeni's ice cream
07. a seasonal change
08. time with one of my cousins yesterday + dinner on the lake
09. linen clothing + bedding
10. reminiscing over old photos
11. seeing the joy school brings to parks
12. love from family

what are you most grateful for this week? 


  1. Love this list! And what a fun girls night to go get sushi!!

    1. thank you!! and it was so nice to be out with loving and supportive mommas. hope your week is going well and thank you again.