olive june: September 2019

simply loving

parks is so into fall - all the pumpkins, the halloween costumes, the colorful leaves, the seasonal donuts. he's in love. the other day, i brought home three small pumpkins from trader joe's and he immediately assigned them all owners/rooms and went and placed them. he had so much excitement + joy when he saw them. his biggest treat right now is looking at costumes on target.com and as much as i would love to pick out a cute costume for him this year, i tell him... 'you can be whatever you want to be, sweetie. whatever you want.' he finds joy in the smallest things and it reminds me to stop and be present - not to worry about the past or the future- but to just be still and savor. 

"slow down 
and everything you are chasing 
will come around and catch you."
-john de paola

mr. and mrs. wolf

mr. and mrs. wolf

ten children's books for fall

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now that parks is back in school, he seems to be relaxed and calm and more ready for bed than during the summer hours. his little eyes start to get sleepy around six in the evening. still, a picture book (along with affirmations and prayers) remain the most beloved time of our day. lately, we have been reading simple, quiet books ... and books about strolling through nature and taking adventures. because isn't childhood, in a nutshell, all about capturing everyday magic and discovering the comfort of routine. 

i wanted to share some of the titles we have been reading with you all

a grateful heart

"may you approach
this season with
gratitude and a
 deeply rooted hope
that everyday will
teach you something
that is an integral
part of your growth"

ten things i love

"and i say to my heart:
rave on."
-mary oliver, thrist

a late summer home tour

today i am sharing a glimpse into our home for a late summer tour - before i add a few fall touches soon. for fall, i love to add real pumpkins and a few dried flowers throughout. i want our home to look like something that's been curated over time in a thoughtful way; mixing old and new for an eclectic look. if i am honest with you, old homes have my heart. and probably always will. but... we don't currently have one- this home was built in 2014 and although i am so very, very grateful for it, it's not exactly my style. therefore, i try to add pieces with charm and pieces that have meaning for an overall aesthetic that is minimal, personal and cozy. being a mother and working from home and wanting to create meaning and connection more than anything else, has forced our family to simplify our lives. it's been hard (especially at the beginning- where to begin?) and yet, so incredibly refreshing ... and much easier to take on and continue now. we try and pick a few things to focus on each month and that has really helped us.

i hope you enjoy a little look inside...

september intentions

"never forget how wildly capable you are."

things i always want to remember | 1 and 3.5 years old

there aren't many things i love more than a baby in a bonnet

an afternoon at the carnival

we spent this past sunday afternoon at a local festival with the boys; a fun way to send off this special summer; a summer where the boys became even closer - the first one where they were both mobile to play with one another. i know it is one i will always remember.