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mindful practices

'When your world moves too fast
and you lose yourself in the chaos,
introduce yourself to each
color of the sunset,
Reacquaint yourself with the earth
beneath your feet.
Thank the air that surrounds you
with every breath you take.
Find yourself in
the appreciation of life.'
-Christy Ann Martine

sometimes the world around me gets chaotic or the news is just too much/too sad to fathom, or my boys are everywhere and i find myself on autopilot. i am often seeking to be as productive as possible- yet, i am left feeling unhappy, stressed and have that feeling of not being enough. over and over. the cycle can be vicious. as a result, i am really trying to be more mindful so that i know when to slow down, when to show compassion for others, when to listen, and when to breath-  so that i can get to know myself better and so that i can be a more loving mom, sister, daughter, friend and wife. i want to strive for enjoyment and gratitude and wholeness and have found that regular tasks can lead to joy if we appreciate our day and everything it brings. 

by not focusing on the past or on the future- but just to 'be.' 
i am really trying to go beyond the thoughts, the to-do lists and the anxiety; connecting to the unchanging part of myself more than ever before. 
my favorite mindful practices //

01. take three-five deep breaths (i do this with parks now- just like daniel tiger) feeling the flow of my breath in and out - in and out. slow and steady 
02. i practice yoga often and meditate daily but last night i went to my first yoga nidra class (one hour of "guided relaxation," which is designed to bring you to the deepest stages of relaxation, while still maintaining full consciousness- helping to reduce stress, anxiety, chronic pain, ptsd and depression) . my plan is to go at least once a week- it was so wonderful. i also do yoga a lot with parks and this morning i looked over at a play date and saw nash in down dog/his little head was all the way on the ground... they are watching and are always taking everything in. they are- in many ways- naturally mindful.
03. taking a walk - feeling my feet connect with the ground
04. deep and non-judgmental listening
05. doing one thing at a time
06. going to bed with a clean kitchen, trying to do at least one small load of a laundry a day and keeping up/tidying our home keeps my mind clear; allowing me to take in the small moments
07. going easy on myself and knowing that with time, i will see progress.
08. being grateful- saying thank you to nature, people and things.
what are your favorite mindful practices? 

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