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childhood magic | 15 natural activities

when i was a little girl, i spent most of my childhood outside. well, outside and at the local library.  i played in barns and creeks until the streetlights came on, rode my bike until my legs couldn't move, swam with friends, explored local lakes, built snowmen and secret forts. it is clear that my love for the world outside has been passed on to parks and nash. whenever we need to breathe easier and find solitude, we venture outside and it's as though we are floating through the earth. 

this morning, i took the boys to wing haven- a beautiful garden and bird sanctuary. they both splashed in the mini waterway and ran barefoot and noticed the bees having lunch in the flower bushes. 

days like this with my babies, it's who i am, it's what i'll remember most. 

my beautiful friend, sol, reading her book, 'junko, queen of the mountains'
simple activity ideas for a toddler | 

01. go on a bug + flower hunt 
02. pick your own fruit 
03. make bird feeders 
04. jump in a puddle 
05. spot some baby animals 
06. wash a car
07. run through a field 
08. drink a milkshake
09. bake a cake - and lick the spoon 
10. fly a kite 
11. collect shells on the beach 
12. a picnic in the park 
13. catch a fish 
14. carve a pumpkin
15. sleep under the stars 
the wheelbarrow was parks' favorite thing 
walking and feeling the mud between his toes appeared to be nash's favorite
i love this post by cup of jo | the joy of having boys
we are also really looking forward to cooler days (hopefully) in charlotte soon
more days spent exploring and being in the moment together

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