a grateful heart | olive june

a grateful heart

perhaps in the waiting 
you are doing more
than merely waiting 
but you are growing 
in the way you were meant to 
you are finding that Light 
shines on you 
strengthening you for the season you are in 
reminding you over and over again 
life can be beautiful 
in the waiting

a lot of this summer season has been spent on the road; traveling and exploring the midwest and the beaches along the east coast. we had the best time together and enjoyed being out and about. however, it also feels so unbelievably nice to be in our home- to be setting up a routine and a rhythm.  rest is the main focus at the moment but we are also trying to stay cool and are trying to take in everything our city as to offer; savoring every bit of this current season. it's about breathing in, so we can breathe once more- so we can live and love through a lens of gratitude. and of presence. 
rooftop drinks at aba in chicago with my sister, jess and brother, alex
we had so many heart to hearts and were able to browse shops, grab coffees/tacos, have pillow talks, grab cocktails by the pool- and just be for a few days. it felt so good.
a grateful heart //

01. a girl's trip to chicago the last weekend in july 
02. a new salmon colored hibiscus bloom on our front porch 
03. an iced coffee with almond milk (i stopped doing any type of sweetener in my latte orders and don't miss it.) 
04. a silent disco party with my brother 
05. all the little details a boutique hotel has to offer (the robey and hoxton in chicago were both amazing. like really amazing.)
06. making forts in the living room + popcorn bowls 
07. fresh plums 
08. a loving church + mom community 
09. diffusing: lime, orange, peppermint and cinnamon 
10. clay earrings (cotton & clay is owned by my friend, phoebe. she's so talented!)
11. vintage quilts
an intimate speakeasy in the basement with live jazz, the main restaurant was absolutely incredible! and a rooftop pool/bar area that had a beautiful west palm beach feel 
boating on lake michigan was a highlight
celebrating the future mrs. wolf
a new tea bar across the street from our neighborhood
tim and i took parks to toy story 4 recently - it was magical.
we all loved the movie and having time with just our big boy was so much fun!
our little climber:
what are you most grateful for this week?

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  1. Mmm those diffusing oil scents sound amazing! What a fun summer of traveling! Enjoy the calm and routines now :)