july intentions | olive june

july intentions

"do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do." -oprah
a look back at june | 

01. meal planning (we were only home for two weeks and those included nash's birthday and mine and i just didn't focus on this like i should have...) 
02. prayer + meditation 
03. read at least two books
04. add two collections to 'olive june vintage' 
05. picnics outside 
06. yoga and cardio 
07. baby books (will i ever work on these? haha)
08. market mornings (need to work on this as well- love market mornings)
09. a date night with my husband (i had a surprise one planned in uptown charlotte at a french restaurant but we ended up now having a sitter... so i tried!) 
july intentions //

01. drink more water
02. get enough sleep 
03. read two books + library visits 
04. post two collections to my thrift shop
05. start to take inventory of the things we own for a big house purge in august (set up a plan) 
06. take in every moment of our travels
07. playdates for the boys during the week 
08. go to the gym at least three times a week 
09. write thank you notes
10. catch up with friends 
11. prayer, stretching and daily meditation 
12. research more about oils and the benefits (esp. non-toxic home products) 

what are you going to focus on this month? 


  1. I would love to read a post on what you learn about oils!

    1. i plan to share throughout my journey!! thank you, girl and hope you're doing well + enjoying summertime (i know it's your favorite!) xo