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a beach trip to avalon, new jersey

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"don't rush the wild ramblers, 
wanderers, dawdlers and dreamers

don't push or compare the child 
who tarries and turns over
every pebble-

who stops to fill overflowing pockets,
talk to trees and look for a 
shimmering chrysalis under
every milkweed leaf-

who listens to the wind current &
message of each spiraled shell. 

don't rush them,
for they will grow up
to be the noticers, connectors
and guardians.

their pace will carry a certain peace
back to the rest of the world."

-nicolette gowder

beautiful . clean . joy . vibrant . spiritual . refreshing . quaint . 
a coastal haven

these are the words i would use to sum up the beach town of avalon during our most recent travels. it was my first trip to new jersey and i very much enjoyed exploring a new area of our country. we usually travel to a nearby carolina beach but decided to go north this year, which is closer for my husband's brother and his family. and it was breathtakingly beautiful - all the summer blooms. the area was extremely clean - both the streets and the vast beach. there was so much joy in the house and around the pool and on the beach while the cousins played and laughed with one another. our boys absolutely loved the beach this time around. the boardwalk in ocean city and all the vibrant colors represented what summer is all about- carnival rides and pizza + french fries and ice cream cones and arcade games... all alongside the ocean.

i was able to walk the beach alone and finish the book, 'the year of less' by cait flanders one morning. as i looked out onto the sea and took in the last few chapters of a book (that definitely made an impact on my soul) ... i tenderly felt so many signs. it was like the Holy Spirit was whispering - guiding me through unknowns; through the mysteries that have been heavy on my heart. my eyes filled with tears and i felt at peace. it was one of those moments that you know you will always remember... 

beach vacation snapshots //

my mil got us all avalon tees as a fun souvenir 
and we captured a few photos one evening on the beach
birthdays were celebrated
the fudgy wudgy man was a hit!
ocean city boardwalk 
these jammies and sailboat outfit above on nash are both from smocked polkadot and are too darling

for me, traveling is as much about leaving as it is about the coming home. it's a way for me to exit the rhythm and flow and comfortableness of our routine. it's a way to unplug and hit reset- to live thoughtfully with our time and to be adventurous as we try new things. but coming home, especially to a clean house, is always the best feeling.

so very thankful for this adventure and for my in-laws for providing us with these yearly trips
there have been so many memories made with one another

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  1. Yay for beach days!!!! We love Belmar and Manasquan on the Jersey shore, but I've heard Avalon is gorgeous!! :)