olive june: July 2019

a beach trip to avalon, new jersey

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"don't rush the wild ramblers, 
wanderers, dawdlers and dreamers

don't push or compare the child 
who tarries and turns over
every pebble-

who stops to fill overflowing pockets,
talk to trees and look for a 
shimmering chrysalis under
every milkweed leaf-

who listens to the wind current &
message of each spiraled shell. 

don't rush them,
for they will grow up
to be the noticers, connectors
and guardians.

their pace will carry a certain peace
back to the rest of the world."

-nicolette gowder

essential oil blends for summer

it has been awhile since i have discussed essential oils on the blog, but i am hoping that that is going to change. our family uses oils for so many things but one common thread is that they seem to change with each season. there are also ones that are wonderful year-round but i thought i would share some that i tend to pull during the summer months. here are two roller ideas and two diffuser blends that i love for summertime. 

a summer week in the country

we took two trips back to my hometown in the midwest in june and enjoyed the simple days together - spent swimming in the pool, s'mores and stories around a campfire, watching the sun set to the west + the stars shine above, smoked meat and hometown pizza and ice cream cones, country music and most of all, catching up with all the people we love and who love us. i can always feel the love. apart from the infinite exhaustion, we have been loving our travels this spring and summer. throughout this year, our kids have traveled around 180+ hours in the car on road trips - and have rocked them all. they don't always sleep the best when we arrive, but we really have the best little travelers. 

july intentions

"do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do." -oprah