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a grateful heart

"may you approach 
this season with
gratitude and a 
deeply rooted hope
that every day will
teach you something
that is an integral
part of your growth"
- morgan harper nichols

i recently spent a week in my hometown; celebrating my brother's future bride, swimming in the backyard, making s'mores, coffee with my high school best friend- soaking up time in the country. 

+ i always leave with a grateful heart //

01. the way the large trees sway so gently 
02. watching the sun disappear into a western skyline- the beauty of the clouds, the deep colors, parks' reaction (every single time) as he sings, 'mr. golden sun'  
03. sitting around a campfire + hometown pizza (thin, crispy and cute into squares)
04. safely arriving after a long road trip through the wildflowers, the mountains and then the endless cornfields (the boys and i have a lot of fun together)
05. the simplicity 
06. grilled corn on the cob (olive oil + m salt + wrapped in tin foil) 
07. coffee on the porch - the quietness, the stillness- just the sound of the birds chirping and dancing
08. thrift stores (i had an afternoon alone to search- and it was so wonderful) 
09. the peony bushes were in full bloom so i made a few vases 
10. browsing boutiques + lunch with my momma (a favorite pastime together) 
11. watching the cousins play and conversations with my aunts 
12. the hospitality and the way kids run about barefoot all day and even after dusk - playing in nature. i can remember the moments in my own neighborhood growing up + can see and feel the wonder.   
we love cuddle + kind
their mission and dolls are just too precious 
they donate ten free meals for knit every doll sold
nash has chelsea the cat (our spring baby) and sebastian the lamb
parks has stella the polar bear (our winter baby) and noah the dog
i love so much about this photo
nash had a little jean jacket, too - they were matching and it wasn't planned!
my mom and i got to spend a few hours together- lunch at a favorite spot and boutique/antique shopping (tipp city, ohio is the most darling little town)
a floral bouquet from the bridal shower
we also love these apolis bags + you get to pick your own saying 
below is their new wine tote
-the boys' bathroom-
thrifting near my hometown 
lots of new things coming to olive june vintage soon
my first summer collection 
my soon-to-be sister . so happy for her and my brother
september can't come soon enough to celebrate
what about you?
... what are you grateful for this week...

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