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may intentions

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"for the rest of this year,
stay strong.
Let no one and nothing
make you feel like
you are not good enough
or that you do not belong.
It does not matter
how good they are
at what they do, 
your story is being woven
intricately and uniquely
by the Ono who created you."
-morgan harper nichols

this past month was slower than march in a lot of ways - and it felt so good.
a look back at april |

01. daily prayer and meditation
02. trips to the farmer's markets 
03. a family trip to philadelphia 
04. starting a 'miracle morning' challenge back up tomorrow 
05. daily walks/trips to the park with the boys and yoga a few times a week + focus on eating well 
06. work on the boys' baby books
07. picnics outside
08. read (at least) two books
09. create music playlists (here is my current one)
10. date nights weekly with my husband (home dates and at least one night out) 
11. make new recipes 
need to work on those date nights! 
a warm bath after a nine hour road trip
parks' bedroom . he made that little plant at school
piper finn (those little leather high tops) is having a sale right now . 25% off with this code: MDAY
sale ends tonight at 11:59pm
a family photo . a brewery near philadelphia
may intentions |

01. work on parks + nash baby books (we have these from my online friend, korie- and they are absolutely gorgeous)
02. capture 'in the moment' photos 
03. drink more water (i actually LOVE water... i know a lot of people don't but it's a fave- along with coffee, mules, red wine, (non-sweet) rose, and craft beers)
04. keep organized in my agenda (bando is my favorite agenda- so fun!) 
05. yoga weekly 
06. trips to the market 
07. continue daily prayer and meditation rituals in the morning + evening
08. a mini home purge 
09. plant flowers outside 
10. meet up with 'the village' / my mom tribe as much as possible
11. start to plan nash's first birthday celebration 
12. go to church every week we are in town - it's always a highlight of my week. 
13. date nights with tim
14. less time on social media - more living. 
15. meal planning on mondays 
the library has become a weekly part of our routine since the beginning of this year 
nash and i went this morning to pick up a few new books while parks was at school
loving our den area so much lately 
this piggie jammies from nest designs are our very favorites 
they are so incredible soft -we  can't get enough. 
parks said, 'momma- these are comfy!'
(they are also having a sale at the moment)
...what about you...
what are your intentions for this month?

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