tiny bluebird + a spring playlist | olive june

tiny bluebird + a spring playlist

april 2019 

winter's gone 
spring is here
my tiny bleubird

may you always... 

make the time
to take the time
to read the book, 
to take the walk, 
to allow yourself
the time to find
a brand new song to sing.
whatever it is,
do the little things
do them over and over
knowing that one day,
you will wake up
and look back and see
within those little things
growth and change
was always happening
because you made the time
to realize and believe:
slowing down
and taking the time
is everything.

these are the types of poems and photos i send to his email capsule 
you can read more about that here 
and i started my spring playlist 
(i will be adding more soon) 
the first song represents how my soul feels at the moment 
wild violets
soft, fresh breezes 
the way the birds sing about
as we wake up
to brand new songs
to read my recent post about his big brother - bleubird
love always, 
-my tiny bleubird-

moon and stars
moon and stars


  1. Wow that first song is sooo relaxing and definitely represents serenity. To be honest, I don't usually like opera but that was beautiful. I love the poem with the photos and your definitions of spring!

    1. hi! thank you so much... it's so beautiful. i appreciate the love and hope you're doing well.