nash charles . month ten | things i always want to remember | olive june

nash charles . month ten | things i always want to remember

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on april 12, nash charles (my 'charlie boy') turned ten months old. we spent the day traveling up to the philadelphia area to visit my husband's family. what was supposed to be about ten hours took 12.5 hours due to traffic and accidents. however, the boys were awesome! (not sure how we got so lucky with these tiny travelers!) but we are both so very thankful. my husband and i talked and listened to enneagram podcasts and i read the book, educated (highly recommend). although it was a long trip, time with family is always worth it... 

i shared some highlights on instagram, but we all enjoyed exploring the kennett square, pa area. both of my boys are growing by the hour and it was special to see them interact and play with their cousins. 

if only you knew how my heart skips a beat when i see you so happy

things i always want to remember ||

01. how your eyes twinkle when you play with your big brother 
02. another road trip- thank you for being such a wonderful traveler - you love to look over at parks and smile - over and over. 
03. when i say, "where's nash?" and you throw your head back
04. your deep and infectious belly laugh 
05. you learned how to clap your hands and you now pull yourself up onto everything
06. a deep love for food has grown even more (you will eat anything.) 
07. when i look back in the car and you are holding parks' hand 
08. how excited you get when your dad brings you to our bed in the morning to nurse 
09. you got two new teeth! so now you have six teeth (two on the top and four on the bottom) 
10. i will never forget our picnics at nearby parks on our quilt. never for a million years. 
11. your chubby fingers and how they pick up food 
12. our thrift store adventures together (it's rare that i get to go alone and miss you a bit when i do!) 

jammies are a bit big / nash is a peanut 
(he's 20-45% . with a head over 90% . and pretty small- but perfect- baby feet)
i love singing to you 
especially 'somewhere over the rainbow'
i can't wait to see how much you grow this month

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